Making a

Angur Pulses is a six decade old brand
of Gujarat that enjoys the highest market
share in the state. The brand felt it was becoming
monotonus and appointed Zebra Idealab Pvt Ltd. with the
intention of breaking the monotony by communicating
a precise positioning statement and setting up
a proper communication

but Traditional

We began the repositioning of the brand by
launching a new TVC. The idea behind the ad was
to appeal to the new generation of homemakers
and change the perspective of the brand from
being traditional to
modern but in
line with tradition.

Lights, Camera..

To achieve this, MansiParekh, a famous
television personality and a household
name at the time was hired to feature in
thead. The ad portrayed the busy life of
the new generation women and
how Angur was an integral part of their
everyday routine. We also reworked
Angur’s already iconic jingle
“Guniyal Naari” to use in the
ad in order to build recall.

This was done by the
same music composer who
had created the jingle
35 years ago. The TVC was
also supported by regular
outdoor campaigns.

Zerba reworked everything
from the company’ s website to
all other brand collaterals giving
the brand a new look and feel.
With the use of creative and engaging content,
the brand truly gained newness and freshness.

In 2016, Angur joined the social media band wagon. With the advantage of already
being a well-known brand, it quickly did well on social media.