Gulab Goodness

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A survey conducted last month says that 75% of the middle class said that they would make ‘greater attempts’ to eat and drink healthy in the days to come. Indian civilization has always believed that human body is an inseparable part of the nature and the more natural and organic food goes into the body, it gains vitality, strength and immunity. It helps both our body and mind.

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Consumers are re-evaluating their diets and everyday lifestyles. Organic / natural foods / cold pressed edible oils are viewed as healthier and safer options and for the right reasons. Gulab decided to empower its consumers with a range of cold pressed oils by the brand name Gulab Goodness.

These cold pressed oils will provide the winning edge advantage in terms of both nutrition and immunity. Purity and health is a natural extension of the legacy of brand Gulab

Zebra Idealab created a Logo for Gulab Goodness. The logo consists of eight drops of purity combined into forming a circle of health that completes the health circuit. The logo has both visual impact and meaning. Zebra Idealab has created a well -defined social and digital media campaigns for Gulab Goodness. The outdoor campaign created by Zebra was also well received by the customers.