In 2014, Gulab oil was a predominantly Filtered Groundnut Oil company fighting for market
leadership. Gulab had not done any advertising campaign in the last six years. The brand
depended only on its sales efforts to consolidate its market share in Gujarat. With a
mandate to revitalize the brand Gulab Oils and take its customer outreach to a higher level,
Zebra Idealab Pvt. Ltd was appointed as advertising and branding agency for brand Gulab
Oils. We felt that the brand needed to indulge in some impactful communication and
establish an emotional connect with its consumers.

Packing a Punch

Zebra designed labels for Gulab’ s range of oils using uniform elements and various colors.
We associated a different color to each product for easy recognition. This helped shift the
brand perspective and established an identity for the brand Gulab Oils in the market.


Zebra designed a whole set
of collaterals for brand Gulab
which included, product
brochure, standees, print
advertisement, company
website, small but meaningful
leaflets and more.

Vision to Visibility

Groundnut Oil

After a gap of 6-8 years, Zebra
designed its outdoor campaign
meticulously. We planned multiple
campaigns periodically to increase
brand recognition. We positioned
their Filtered Groundnut Oil as
healthy, natural cooking oil that
can be trusted. We felt that brand
Gulab needed to be strongly
p projected as a multi oil brand.

Sunflower Oil

We came up with the slogan Gulab
Sunflower “no-fikar” oil. This conveyed
the message that with this oil, you don’t
need to worry about your health.
A sustained campaign was taken up
and in a gap of 3 years Gulab Sunflower
Oil rose from a small player to a
prominent sunflower oil brand in Gujarat.

We turned the outdoor
campaigns into 360 degree
campaigns using other print
mediums like standees.
These were visible across
Gujarat in a large number and
contributed to the overall
result of the outdoor

Power of

Various print mediums like
newspaper and magazine were
used to their potential.
The communication was kept
uniform through out to send a
clear message

Creative Communication

With the purpose of increasing Gulab’ s reach, Zebra introduced the brand to the world of
social media through a facebook and instagram page. It is almost impossible for a brand to
survive in today’ s time without a consistent online presence that is supported with
meaningful and creative content. We created regular content for both the platforms
keeping their individual algorithms in mind.

The content increased visibility of the brand as well as actively engaged the audience.
I It also became an easy way of two-way communication, making cutomers feel like they
were a part of the brand. We used humor, simple messaging, direct product placement and
various other content strategies to set the tone for the brand. The content was promoted
periodically to reach a wide audience and generate leads, loyalty and awareness.

Amazon A+

Amazon is one of the most popular
ecommerce site , which is why a proper
presence here along with informative
creative listing is important.
Zebra created A+ for all products of
brand Gulab highlighting
why it is a perfect choice.


The TVC was created to promote the positioning “No-Fikar Oil” for Gulab Sunflower Oil.
Zebra reached out to well-known televison names to feature in the ad.
We decided to stay off celebrities because it would have devided the focus.
We wanted the message to be the HERO, followed by the product and
the connection people felt with the television actors.