Maruti Courier had just completed 36 years of its glorious existence. From a humble beginning in the eighties, brand Shree Maruti had survived the tumultuous journey with its sheer power to serve its client. Although it had all the offerings of a full-fledged delivery company right from documents, to international shipping, we felt there was an acute need to re-design its brand perception. Maruti Couriers then decided to appoint Zebra Idealab to take care of its communication and help them own a place of pride in the minds of the people at large, specially the new generation.

Zebra took up current issues and smartly connected it with the term “Delivery”. This was done to shift the perception of the audience and help them associate Shree Maruti with a full-fledged delivery service that provides you with various options like International shipping, fast track delivery service, cargo express and e-commerce delivery services. To support the same, Zebra planned and launched the campaign "More than courier" and highlighted other services to position Maruti courier as a delivery service.

Shree Maruti as a brand was always environmentally conscious. Zebra used cause marketing as a tool to highlight their various initiatives such as using E-vehicles for delivery services and providing E-receipts instead of paper ones to save tress.

The campaign “Ped Bachane Wala Courier” (The courier that saves trees) promoted the use of E-receipts, asked customers to avoid asking for paper receipts and clarified that an e-receipt is equally valid. Zebra also highlighted that this initiative could save up to 11 trees a month to give a motivational push to the customers. The campaign garnered huge support.

Identity revolution

Shree Maruti decides for go an identity change.

The new logo and brand tagline is more specific and futuristic.



Zebra set-up a proper communication channel for customer feedback and queries. All the questions were answered in a timely manner through twitter, DM’s and comments to build a good rapport for the brand and build a connection with the audience. The brand is slowly evolving, growing and getting more popular. The perceptions are changing and people are becoming aware of its comprehensive services.