Pandit Deendayal Energy University



PDEU, Pandit Deendayal Energy University, a brainchild of Prime Minister
Shree Narendra Modi and presided by Mr. Mukesh Ambani, has been accredited
with the highest NAAC A++ grade and is one of the most prestigious universities
in India. But it's not just that. The university stands out because of its dedication
to impart Energy Education and prepare energy ambassadors for the nation.


Zebra Idealab was approached by Director General Dr. Sundar Manoharan to
give a new narrative for the university that encapsulates it perfectly.
The communication of the university so far was technical and highlighted what
the university offers to students. However, we wanted to highlight what PDEU
students offer to the world. Thus, PDEU wanted us to handle this aspect of
communication and rebrand them as a research hub that directly translates
into the industry & society.


However, to do justice to depict this institute in a limited time frame was indeed
a significant challenge. We did it and emerged out to be stronger.

An excellent film requires a solid script as its base, and a great script demands
solid research as a foundation. For Team Zebra, this was our strength.
With extensive information about the vast university and our research on Industry 4.0, Education 4.0, and Energy Education, to condense this vast
idea bank into a concise 10-15-minute script took us over two months.

However, this timeline was necessary, resulting in a script that flows well and
captures the energy of the Energy Institute.

Production was no easy ride either. Finalizing every shot, covering every nook &
corner of the university's vast campus, coordinating with various departments,
and directing each shot for the most impactful visuals required our undivided
attention and dedication.
Yet, it was the most enjoyable part. Team Zebra brought
in the best crew, cameras, and equipment and we produced the final output with
a collaborative effort. The mega-shoot lasted for over six days, with most of the
professional cameras and tools that are used to shoot commercial films.

Lastly, pre-production makes all the difference. It's the deciding moment - either
you make it or you don't. We maintained high spirits, and with tireless efforts,
a keen eye, and creativity, we finished editing this film.

A Satisfied Director General Dr. Sundar Manoharan is seen with Jai Tharur and
Bhavesh Joshi of Zebra Idealab. Missing in the picture is Dhruvi Chhajer,
the 3rd member of the trio.

This film was shown to the audience on 2nd December 2023 and was watched
by Dr. Somnath ISRO chief along with innumerable students, parents and
attendees. As we finally upload months of effort, we feel elated, joyous & most
importantly, a sense of achievement and satisfaction. We hope you enjoy
watching it.