Varmora - The Good Plastic

Varmora plastech is a brand division of Varmora group, manufacturing and selling a range of
quality and innovative plastic products. They wanted to make an impression in the rising plastic
industry as a brand that genuinely promoted good health, quality lifestyle and better nutrition.
Zebra was given the mandate of handling all communication for the brand as well as generating
awareness through 360 degree campaigns and carving a space in the industry. They made their
products using the best quality materials that decreased the harmful effects of plastic and Zebra,
therefore ran a campaign “the good plastic” to promote their product superiority and
differentiate them from their competitors.



With catchy lines, smart and objective strategies and proper use of various mediums, Zebra
succeeded in driving the communication home. Distinct use of color, design and copy to support
their quality products helped Varmora Plastech standout and created a brand that people loved
and trusted. Their market share rose significantly following their crisp communication and unique
positioning and helped people believe that when they bought Varmora products, they bought
good plastic, health and nutrition.