A copywriter’s cup of tea!

Imagine you were making a hot cup of tea for yourself with the purpose of refreshing yourself after having a particularly long day. Now, this cup of tea may not be the highlight of your day but it definitely makes it better.

For you to be properly relaxed and refreshed, the cup of tea needs to be just right! The water/milk proportion needs to be perfect, the amount of sugar just right, an ample amount of time for it to boil to perfection. If one takes precedence over the other you’re going to end up with something that might resemble a cup of tea but is not quite, It must all be balanced to give you the exact experience you want.

Now, let’s take this example of making tea to understand copywriting. The purpose of a good copy is to gain customers’ attention and relay a message of the brand. While writing a copy, one needs to have a proper balance of communication, content, and creativity (they are your milk, sugar, and boiling time). If one element takes precedence over the other, it ends up with something that might look like a copy but will fail to fulfill its purpose of relaying the right message and also grabbing the attention of customers.

Three C’s of Copywriting


Keep it simple and easy to understand!

The content must be decided based on the audience that is targeted. It is important to understand audience preferences on the type of content and language of content that they are familiar with. Finding a common ground between the brand and the audience helps in building a long-lasting connection with them.


Communicate the message clearly!

The message must never take a back seat for the sake of creativity. You heard it right! Don’t shy away from communicating in the language that is widely spoken by the target audience. It is best to create a language mix if your brand has a dominant market share in a particular region. Different communication techniques must be used while dealing with different mediums (like -newspapers, Facebook, Instagram).


Be quirky and cool!

Find a way to be creative while retaining the main message of the copy. Social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook are brilliant to experiment with different types of content as they provide a wide audience base.

Using the play of words or famous social slang when communicating with the younger audience. It helps to bring relatability while also being creative.

Understand that creativity is a process. The more you practice, the more it will develop.