• Brand Identity

    Identity elements such as logo and stationary are the first and foremost impression givers of any brand. To create meaningful and unique identity is what we at zebra idealab thrive for.

  • Contemporary Packaging

    In modern day markets, packaging can make or break the deal. Thus, having a contemporary packaging that emits the ethos and vibe of the brand is very crucial. We excel at contemporary packaging that is backed by consumer research.

  • Brand Positioning

    Rational or emotional? Realistic or aspirational? Mass or niche? These are some key questions that we address when we say brand positioning. It is all backed by research, understanding of market dynamics, and consumer behavior. Positioning is what makes your brand stand out from the rest!

  • Communication Strategy and Idea Engineering

    Brands are built on strategy, a strategy that works in generating desired impressions in the minds of people. With our experience and expose, we have excelled at providing bespoke communication strategy to brands that rotates around positioning.

  • Creative Designing

    Design is a great tool to grab attention and thus it has to be a perfect blend of art and science. With our logic-based designing, we help your brand in gaining the right amount of attention that it deserves.

  • Brand Campaigns

    Reaching out to target audiences has wide scope of opportunities. It’s like proposing to your girlfriend, you know exactly what you want to convey but not how to say it. We create advertising campaigns that break the clutter and generated desired results.

  • TVC and Social Media Films

    People love stories and with evolution of technology, brand story-telling through social media platforms has become an integral part of communication strategy. We make great stories that are compelling and at the same time relevant for the brands.

  • Social Media and Digital Branding

    Attention is what brands demand and it has gotten way more complicated in the era of social media. With our dynamic and savvy social media team, that should not be a problem for your brand. We’ll make sure that your brand receives the ‘virality’ that it desires for!