Shop Gulab

Logo strategy

Following the successful partnership between Gulab Oils and Zebra Idealab since 2014, the brand entrusted Zebra Idealab with the launch and development of their own ecommerce website to provide convenience and speed to their customers and stay in line with current digital requirements of the industry.

Zebra was amongst the first digital agency in Gujarat to take up the branding and development of an ecommerce site. With the website in place, the digital strategy focused on creating brand awareness for the site through paid advertising, creative campaign development and call to action incentives.

We promoted shopgulab as a separate entity that sold all the products from the house of gulab. The focus of each campaign and digital strategy was to position the brand as the most convenient one step destination for all things gulab. We leveraged the trust we had built for the brand Gulab Oils over the years and promoted the website with the tag line “trust ki home delivery”

Zebra also ran seasonal campaigns like “tel bharvani season” to highlight the time of the year in Gujarat when people generally stock up on their yearly ration. This campaign was promoted extensively through the digital mediums and provided a call to action for the TG(Target Group) that took them directly to the website.

Zebra created not only social media posts to generate awareness but also conceptualised and shot an ad film for youtube to highlight the message that ordering from was a “smart choice” while also positioned the brand as a solution of having to carry heavy oil cans/jars from the grocery stores yourself.